20 Nisan 2009 Pazartesi

Romanticism and the Rise of History/Ersoy- April 13,2009

Romanticism and the Rise of History

The rise of history in the nineteenth century (as academic field and as a broad field of historical representation and imagination)

Romanticism and the modern cult of nostalgia – The growing demand for and obsession with the past. The modern cult of history as a symptom of the traumatic rupture with traditional continuities of the past

Leopold von Ranke (1795-1886). The establishment of history as a scientific field

Leopold von Ranke

Romanticism’s critique of cosmopolitan society

Cosmopolitanism – Being a citizen of the world, common Enlightenment culture. Shared values, secular ideals, modes of existence beyond religious, national, traditional barriers.

Perceived as unnatural, artificial, and as a token of the ancien régime in France; as an instrument of French cultural hegemony outside of France (esp. England and Germany)

“Superficial” clothing styles and etiquette (18th century)

The advent of “naturalness” and casuality (19th century)

Marianne – symbol of the French Revolution