20 Nisan 2009 Pazartesi

Nations and Nationalism in Europe/Karakışla-April 15,2009


The popular motto is “the freedom of a person is limited by the freedom of other”. Minimum government and government intervention is desired just to protect the private property and to provide orderly life.

Freedom will solve all problems and supply the needs. Enlightenment ideas such as embraced right to vote, private property, constitutional government, parliamentary sovereignty and free market economy are the important concepts of liberalism.
‘Laissez faire- laissez passer”


was another ideology of the age which advocated the status quo if they are happy with the existing situation.

19th century was a dynamic century for the social system’s change. Main motto was “conservatist corporate nature of our society into the centre of conservatism”. Edmund Burke, one year after the revolution, represented the conservative scare of revolution.


was another significant outcome of French Revolution. It is being READY TO DIE for your country. It is in other words, being ready to sacrifice of himself for the safety and good for your country.

Considering the country over all is like “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles.”

Patriotism is DIE4U while Nationalism is KILL4U.

-the pride in nation and still dominant in 21st century.
-the main reason for the collapse of multiethnic, multi-linguistic, multi-religious empires in the world./ unification of Italy and Germany (1871)
-19th century nationalism was an ideology of educated middle class and strongly a European phenomenon.
- The ideological smelt to unite nation and nationalism was the backbone for nation-formation.

Nationalism with Darwin: German, French and British nationalisms in the 19th century were racist and they generated an agenda to prove their national superiority against others. US & THEM

Marxist ideology claims that nationalism gave birth to other nationalisms. This is the escalation, which is going rougher, rusher, harsher. Escalation is important in the sense that it resulted in racist mode of nationalisms, which brought national wars.